USB over Ethernet

USB over Ethernet Connector is a professional software application that provides connectivity to remote network-connected USB peripheral equipment. This communication utility enables you to use scanners, printers, security dongles or any other USB devices located anywhere in the world with the same functionality of a locally connected piece of equipment. You just need to ensure that the device and remote users are connected to the same IP-based network.

USB over Ethernet Connector can be used to access remote devices with these simple steps:

  1. Install and launch the software on the computer with the physical connection (server) to the USB device and the remote client that will share it over the network.

  2. USB Network Gate
  3. On the server machine, open the "Share local USB devices" tab. A tree of available USB devices is displayed. Select the one you want to share over the network and click the "Share" button.

  4. The client machine can now connect to the remote device using USB over Ethernet Connector. Open the "Remote USB devices" tab and locate the device with which you want to connect. Select the device from the list and click the "Establish connection" button.

  5. Once the connection is complete, your system will treat the remote USB device in the same way it would if it were a locally-attached peripheral.

What are the uses of USB over Ethernet technology?

  • Providing remote access to USB devices is one of the primary uses of this technology. USB to Ethernet Connector is a flexible software solution to the problem of sharing USB devices remotely over a network. The application increases the value of your USB peripherals by making them available to everyone in your organization no matter where they are located.

  • Accessing USB in an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) session poses a challenge. USB over Ethernet Connector solves this problem and lets you easily connect with local USB devices from within a remote session.

  • Redirecting USB to a virtual machine or a blade server is easily accomplished with USB to Ethernet Connector. Virtual sessions on platforms such as VMware can add USB passthrough capability, extending their functionality and enabling them to interact with any networked USB device.

What Can You Do With USB Over Ethernet?

  • Share a single USB security dongle to access software on multiple computers.

  • Access a remote USB scanner from a Hyper-V virtual session.

  • Control a webcam from several remote computers.

  • Use a network-connected USB drive to share data across an organization.

  • Access a USB printer or scanner simultaneously from multiple machines.

  • Share a keyboard and mouse among different computers.