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USB over Ethernet

Thinking that it’s not possible to connect to your USB devices remotely? Well, this is not so difficult as long as you have a special USB over Ethernet software tool. USB Network Gate is a dedicated app that is powered by advanced USB redirection technology helping not only connect to any remote USB device but access its contents and functionality like the device was attached directly to your computer.
Windows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10/11; Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019/2022
Architectures: x86, x64, ARM64
macOS 10.14 and higher Tested on Ubuntu 14.04-21.04, CentOS 7-8. UNG Linux requires kernel version from 2.6.32 to 4.4 Android from 5.0
UNG Also available on:
  • Windows,
  • MacOS,
  • Linux,
  • Android

USB via Ethernet software key features

USB over Ethernet software offers a set of powerful features that make access to remote USB devices as simple as possible.

USB over Ethernet

Manage USB equipment over the network

With the ability to share USB over Ethernet, you can provide the personnel of your office with access to multiple valuable peripherals, which eliminates the need to buy additional devices and cables. USB over LAN software allows secure wireless connections to remote USB equipment no matter how far it is located.

Get full access to remote devices

Once you create a connection to a remote USB device, this peripheral appears in your system like it was plugged into your machine. This way, you can use a remote USB printer, scanner, 3D mouse, webcam or even a security dongle without having it physically present near your PC.

Work with local peripherals over RDP

While in an RDP session, you may need to redirect local USB devices to a remote desktop so that they become available for access from a remote computer. USB over Ethernet by Electronic Team, Inc. can do this perfectly well for you.
USB in Virtual machine

Connecting to USB in a virtual machine

Whether you run a VirtualBox, Hyper-V, XenDesktop, or VMware virtual machine on your PC, with the USB sharing software, you’ll be able to forward locally attached devices to a virtual environment with just a few clicks of your mouse.
USB Network Gate for Desktop
Want to add USB over Ethernet functionality to your own product? Integrate USB Port Redirection Technology into your industry-specific solution.

USB Network Gate for Android
Electronic Team allows versatile implementation of USB Pass-through Technologies into your product. Here are just some of possible usage scenarios (don't limit yourself with these though!)
Isolation NEW

Easy USB Device Isolation For Windows OS

Since Windows does not provide users with tools that can help them limit the accessibility of a USB device to specified users, an obvious security risk is involved when there are numerous people using the same computer. Or working on a terminal server hosting several Remote Desktop Sessions at once. USB over Ethernet software by Electronic Team allows users to resolve the issue of isolating USB Devices.

USB Device Isolation

Session-Based USB Device Isolation

Session-Based USB device isolation enables the user to assign a USB device to a specified Remote Desktop Session, while simultaneously making it undetectable/inaccessible to other sessions. Users may be sure that their USB devices cannot be utilized by another unauthorized RDP session.

User-Based USB Device Isolation

You can choose to make access to your USB device based on a specific user ID. Per-User USB Device isolation means that only authorized user accounts on Windows can utilize the USB device. User-based isolation is very helpful if a computer is accessed by multiple user-accounts on a regular basis.

Note: Currently, USB Device Isolation has been tested on cameras, office hardware(such as printers and scanners), external hard drives, sound cards, 3D mouse devices, and more. USB Device Isolation feature is compatible with Windows 8 OS and newer- as well as all Windows Server versions.

Learn more about USB isolation

The key advantages of using USB Network Gate:

Cross platform solution
Cross platform solution. The software lets you share USB devices over Ethernet among multiple platforms. Connected to a Windows PC, a USB peripheral can become accessible to a Mac or Linux computer and vice versa.
Traffic encryption
Traffic encryption. This option will protect all of your communications with remote devices, making them secure.
Data transfer speed
Data transfer speed. If you want to improve the data transfer speed, the app can compress all data transported from a remote device across Ethernet or the Internet.
Technology integration
Technology integration. USB to Ethernet Connector can be utilized as an individual solution or you can opt for its integration to your own project.
Simple interface
Simple interface. The software comes with a user-friendly interface which makes sharing of USB devices as simple as possible.
No limit on the number of devices that can be shared
No limit on the number of devices that can be shared. USB over Ethernet software lets you share as many USB devices as you want.

Supported devices

USB Network Gate works with a wide range of USB devices including:
  • Dongles
  • Mobile phones
  • Webcams
  • Audio devices
  • Mass stogage
  • Printers, scanners, barcode readers
  • Virtually and other USB devices
Supported devices

USB over Ethernet
technology is helpful for:

Software developers

USB Network Gate offers the command-line interface for automating the processes of sharing and connecting to USB devices. Also, the app’s functionality can be implemented in custom software and hardware products.
Software developers

International corporations

With many offices worldwide, big companies can face the challenge of sharing USB peripherals among multiple employees. USB Network Gate solves this problem by making it possible to work with any USB plotter, USB barcode scanner, USB modem, etc. remotely.
International corporations

Businesses and organizations

If you have a unique or very specific USB device at work, e.g., a USB security key or the like, there’s no need to move the device around to connect it to different computers. Simply share it with USB Network Gate and it will be available for remote use.

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Businesses and organizations

Questions and Answers

Sharing USB over Ethernet has never been simpler, let’s find out why users choose USB Network Gate. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the software.

Read, what our clients say about USB over Ethernet Software.
Can I share a USB port over Ethernet when my computer is not connected to the Internet?
Yes, the software works over the Internet as well as over LAN, so you can use it even if the Internet connection is not possible.
How many remote computers can access the same USB device simultaneously?
A shared USB device will be available for use on only one computer at a time.
Which computer is called a server and which one is a client?
The machine with a USB device physically attached is referred to as a server, while the machine that is going to connect to the device remotely is considered a client.
Is it possible to create connections between different platforms?
Yes, if your peripheral is plugged into a computer running Windows OS, you can share the device and access this remote USB over Ethernet from maсOS or Linux and the other way around.
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