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USB over Ethernet Technology Integration

Electronic Team allows versatile implementation of USB Pass-through Technologies into your product. Here are just some of possible usage scenarios (don't limit yourself with these though!)
 Accessing USB devices from a remote desktop

USB to Cloud Platform Integration

USB Passthrough for cloud computing platforms, cloud gaming. Forward any peripheral USB to your cloud
 USB over Ethernet software

Reasons to integrate USB over Ethernet Technology

Advanced USB over Ethernet technology by Electronic Team is designed to help cloud service providers redirect any peripheral USB device from a user’s local machine to the cloud over network
 Technology for thin/zero clients

Forward USB devices connected to thin/zero clients over the network

The optimal solution to forward USB devices from thin clients to terminal servers and access the devices’ full functionality in a remote desktop session
 USB pass-through functionality

Benefits of cloud services with USB pass-through functionality

USB pass-through technology as efficient solution for cloud computing companies

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