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Reasons to integrate USB over Ethernet Technology

Olga Weis Olga Weis
Feb 24, 2021

Advanced USB over Ethernet technology by Electronic Team is designed to help cloud service providers redirect any peripheral USB device from a user’s local machine to the cloud over network.

USB “plug and use” is every cloud platform user’s dream and integration of USB passthrough is the best way to make it happen. Improved with the USB over Ethernet technology, the cloud platform offers its customers an ideal solution for accessing USB devices right from a cloud infrastructure.

USB over Ethernet Technology SDK

USB over Ethernet Technology SDK

The USB over Ethernet technology can be integrated into the cloud platform with the help of USB over Ethernet Technology SDK. This SDK is made available in only to our partners in form of OEM or source code license. Let’s take a look at the contents of the SDK:

The OEM kit allows you integrate the USB over Ethernet functionality into the core of your platform.

  • Installation package;
  • Developer API;
  • Source Code Examples;
  • Documentation;
  • OEM version with embedded license key;
  • Rebranded/custom version.

Deep integration & customization with Source code

Deep integration

This option lets you change the core functionalities of Electronic Team’s USB over Ethernet Technology at your discretion and provide deep integration of the solution into your cloud infrastructure depending on your functional requirements.

Use cases when cloud platforms need USB over Ethernet Technology:

  • Printing from cloud servers to local corporate photocopiers, printers, and faxes;

  • Accessing local software dongles from cloud platforms;

  • Using a cloud server for scanning from a local scanner;

  • Forwarding USB controllers to a cloud infrastructure to play cloud computer games;

  • Scanning fingerprints by redirecting the image processing and control to a cloud platform;

  • Interacting with iPhone, Android, and Microchip via the cloud for their programming and testing;

  • Managing Point of Sales Terminals in a cloud infrastructure, etc.

Here are some of the companies that have successfully integrated the USB over Ethernet support in their platforms:

Enterprise cloud infrastructure integration


Electronic Team’s USB over Ethernet Technology helps Paperspace redirect USB devices from user’s local computer to Paperspace’s virtual machines.

About company: Paperspace is a simple GPU cloud computing platform for individuals, startups, and enterprises. They offer a range of products powering everything from virtual desktops (VDI) to high-end workstations for animation studios to Machine Learning and web apps for startups, and even gaming rigs for individuals.

Paperspace major platforms: Cloud Desktop (VDI), Gaming, VFX, Machine Learning.

Key features of USB over Ethernet support added to Paperspace’s platform:

  • Audio and video redirection;
  • Printer forwarding;
  • USB and local disk redirection.

Cloud gaming platforms integration

Deep integration

LiquidSky leveraged Electronic Team’s USB over Ethernet Technology in the redirection of gamers USB devices from host computers to their virtual computers (SkyComputers).

About company: LiquidSky developed what is considered the future of gaming by delivering the power of an ultra gaming PC and the convenience of console/mobile gaming to any device. Gamers around the globe can connect to any LiquidSky’s data center and play any game on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android device.

Key features of USB redirection added to LiquidSky’s platform:

  • Play cloud games with any USB controller;
  • Transfer files from local USB hard drives;
  • Webcam support for virtual machines;
  • Plug and use any USB 2.0 or later device from a VM.

Integration in cloud middleware solutions

Scalable Graphics

Scalable Graphics turned to USB over Ethernet Technology in their remote visualization solution.

About company: Scalable Graphics provides high performance cloud graphics middleware solutions that allows 3D or professional applications to be delivered on any internet connected device with high image fidelity and low latency.

Specialties include:

  • Cloud gaming, and virtual desktop infrastructure;
  • High performance visualization computing, and 3D.

Key features of USB over Ethernet added to Scalable Graphics platform:

  • Virtualization of USB devices attached to a user’s host machine;
  • Sharing of VR peripherals to cloud infrastructures.

Apart from the examples in this article, the technology can be deployed to solve other industrial specific USB redirection problems. To find out how you can deploy USB over Ethernet technology on your own platform, please contact our Cloud Technology Analyst.

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