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Why subscribers choose cloud services with USB pass-through functionality

Olga Weis Olga Weis
Mar 3, 2021

What is it like to use a cloud infrastructure without a USB port forwarding capability?

USB over Ethernet Technology SDK

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some customers are hesitant to choose a cloud infrastructure with no USB pass through support. When making a decision on the particular cloud platform to subscribe to either for enterprise and personal use, subscribers consider a lot of core platform features that will make it fun and easy to use. USB redirection is definitely one of them.

The Problem:

Users inability to access an important device like a USB printer, scanner, game controller, or other valuable USB peripheral from a cloud infrastructure running on their local machine, usually triggers the search for some workarounds.


Plug and use model of access to local USB devices from a cloud platform would greatly improve user experience, making the service more relevant and valuable to a customer. Managing local USB peripherals from the cloud should be as effortless as managing them from a host computer they are physically attached to. That’s exactly what a user needs in any cloud infrastructure.

Are there any workarounds?

Deep integration

If a cloud platform does not provide the USB pass-through support, a subscriber can resort to the help of third-party solutions like FlexiHub, USB over Ethernet, etc. The dedicated software is able to take any local USB peripheral right to the cloud over the network.

In this case a user needs to download additional USB device virtualization tools and install them on a computer. Frankly, this way is not that convenient for the end customer of a cloud platform, as it only complicates the use of the service. But what if a cloud infrastructure could offer support for USB redirection out of the box?

Efficient solution for cloud computing companies

Well, integrating the USB Passthrough Technology into the core of a cloud infrastructure seems to be the best solution for both cloud services and their users.

Deep integration

That way, service providers will be able to help their customers by delivering the USB over Ethernet tech as a part of their platform, thereby eliminating the risk of losing potential subscribers looking for this particular functionality.

Users, in turn, get a wonderful opportunity to access any required USB device from the convenience of a cloud platform.

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