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USB in Hyper-V passthrough guide

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The ability to connect to USB devices from within a virtual environment is called USB passthrough. The USB device can be connected to the Hyper-V host or the computer accessing the VM.

  1. How to access USB in Hyper-V
  2. Step-by-step guide about Hyper-V USB passthrough
  3. How to share USB in Hyper-V on Server-side
  4. USB in Hyper-V sharing guide for client side

How to share USB in Hyper-V with the software

Being a client/server solution, USB via Ethernet performs two main functions:

  • on a server PC (it can be Windows 10, Linux, or Mac), you can use the app to share a USB device so that it can be accessed both from your VM’s guest OS, and from any remote computer, as long as it’s connected to your network.
  • on a client machine, USB Network Gate helps you to connect to shared devices and operate them as if they were local resources.

With the ease of use of USB Network Gate, you won’t need to spend up on any pricey gadgets or rack your brain over some fiddly configuration process to access USB in Hyper-V.

Steps to access USB in Hyper-V

Just follow these steps to organize Hyper-V USB passthrough:

Step 1: Start with installing the app on your server (host OS) and client (guest OS).

Step 2: Using the app, share any of the USB devices plugged into your server directly.

Step 3: Run the app on your client VM and find the shared device on the list.

Step 4: Click the ‘Connect’ button next to the shared device’s name, and it will instantly appear in the Device Manager of your client (VM’s) operating system.

Yes, just like that! By this route, you can safely use USB in Hyper-V. For instance, during your Hyper-V VM session, access a USB memory stick plugged into the host PC.
The best method of implementing USB in Hyper-V is through the use of a third-party software solution. With just a few easy steps, USB over Ethernet software enables USB ports in virtual machine. Just download the software on both host and guest machine and access the shared devices.
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Server-side USB passthrough in Hyper-V

Hyper-V USB passthrough at the host level enables USB storage devices to be used by a virtual session.

  1. The first step that needs to be taken is to run the DISKMGMT.MSC command from the server. This opens the server’s Disk Management console which allows you to locate the USB disk to which you want to connect. Make sure you right-click on the actual disk, not the drive letter or volume name.

  2. USB in Hyper-V

  3. In the shortcut menu, you will notice an Offline option. This option is required in order to take the disk offline.
  4. When the required USB device is offline, open the Hyper-V Manager. Locate the VM that will access the USB device. Right-click on it and select the Settings command from the shortcut menu.
  5. The VM’s Settings screen will then be displayed. At this point, choose the SCSI controller and the Hard Disk option and click Add.
  6. Select the Physical Hard Disk option on the next screen that is displayed and choose your desired USB device from the drop-down menu.

This should be all that is necessary to access USB in Hyper-V. In cases where the VM does not recognize the USB device, you might need to open the VM’s Disk Management Console to assign a drive letter to the USB disk.

Client USB Passthrough in Hyper-V?

You will have different options available based on if you are using Enhanced Session Mode. In this column we will concentrate on using an RDP session that is not in Enhanced Session Mode. You need to open the Local Resources tab from within the Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Here you will find an option that enables the clipboard and printers to be accessed from within the RDP session. As the screenshot above demonstrates, you can click on More and choose USB drives that you want to access from your session.

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