How to use USB over Ethernet Software - 2020 guide

USB Network Gate is a USB over Ethernet software solution that enables users to share an unlimited number of USB ports and their connected devices over an IP-based network like the Internet, WAN, LAN or VLAN. It employs USB over Ethernet technology to make peripheral devices attached to a computer, known as a server, available to remote, network-connected client machines. Client computers enjoy the same level of functionality they would with a direct, physical connection to the devices. Applications accessing the remote USB devices will operate as if they were working with locally attached equipment.

USB over Ethernet
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When you share USB over Ethernet with this professional software, the interfaces rather than the actual devices are made available to the network. This feature enables peripherals to be swapped out and immediately made accessible by the remote clients with no need for extra configuration.

USB Network Gate lets you:

  • Share an unlimited number of USB ports and devices;

  • Make locally attached USB devices available to any remote machine that is connected to the same network;

  • Control connectivity options by instituting data encryption or compression;

  • Limit access to specific devices by requiring password authorization to connect successfully;

  • Set up callback connections that are initiated from a server machine in the Windows and Linux versions of the tool;

  • Disable connections from the server;

  • View the current user of a shared USB device from a client computer;

  • Swap devices attached to a shared point and have immediate access to the newly attached peripheral from remote clients;

  • Create custom names for the shared USB devices for easy identification by the client machines;

  • Access remote USB devices over Wi-Fi connections;

  • Use Remote Desktop sessions, blade server or virtual machines to access shared USB devices;

  • Exert granular control over shared devices by choosing from “Connect” and “Connect once” with the second choice only allowing the client to make a single connection and not restore the link if it breaks.
USB over Ethernet Software

Features list:

  • Server and client code are part of a single application with the client portion available for separate installation to save space;

  • Connect remotely to locally-attached shared USB devices over your LAN, WAN, the Internet or any IP-based network;

  • OHCI, UHCI and EHCI standards as well as USB v1.1, v2.0, and v3.0 are supported by the app;

  • Employ distinctive icons that indicate the status of USB devices such as if they are shared or require authorization to use;

  • In test mode USB devices like flash drives and cameras can be isolated on a per-session basis;

  • Shared USB devices can be accessed by an unlimited number of remote clients;

  • Share and remove shared devices without restarting or rebooting your machine;

  • No network configuration modifications are required when sharing USB devices;

  • Full support for virtual environments such as Citrix XenServer, VMware, VMware ESX Server, and Microsoft Hyper-V;

  • Multiprocessors and Hyper-Threading Technology are supported;

  • Designate the TCP port used for connectivity;

  • Analyze all program activity as they are monitored and saved in the Activity log;

  • Access USB over Ethernet using the ICA and RDP protocols;

Limitations of the trial version

A free trial version of USB Network Gate is available so you can evaluate the software. Electronic Team, Inc. lets you test the features of the tool for 14 days during which you are limited to sharing one USB device. Once you determine that the software can solve your connectivity issues, you can easily upgrade your license. Visit /products/USB-over-Ethernet/ to download the trial, see the types of licenses available, and order the version of the tool you need.

USB over Ethernet software has versions compatible with the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It offers a cross-platform solution that enables any combination of operating systems to perform as the client or server in your environment.

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