Virtual USB over Ethernet [Full Tutorial]

We can’t imagine our life without seemingly simple but essential devices like webcams, printers, scanners, USB security keys and many others that work once they are connected to a computer’s USB port. What makes the usage of all those peripherals even more efficient is the ability to access them remotely. To get this ability, you just need to install a dedicated software app capable of sharing USB over Ethernet or the Internet. Below we describe a software solution that helps to access virtual USB over Ethernet.

Redirecting virtual USB over Ethernet to any remote computer

USB Network Gate is a powerful software tool that stands out for its stability, reliability and security options it offers. The utility is designed to provide remote access to any USB port over the network. All connections you establish with USB Network Gate are protected with advanced encryption, so you can exchange data with any virtual USB device like it was attached directly to your computer.

One of the greatest things about the USB over Ethernet software is that it works across different platforms. For example, you can share a USB printer on a Windows PC and connect to the device from a Mac and the other way around. USB Network Gate has its versions for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.
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Share USB over Ethernet on Windows
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The key advantages of USB over Ethernet software:

  • The ability to virtualize and share any USB port so that it becomes available for access from a remote computer no matter the distance. A virtual USB device that is attached to a shared port appears in the Device Manager of a remote system like it was a local USB peripheral.

  • Forwarding USB devices to a virtual environment is another outstanding capability of USB Network Gate. Many users find it really convenient to connect to local devices from a virtual machine with just a few clicks of a mouse. USB Network Gate works perfectly well with VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization solutions.

  • The software allows you to redirect USB to an RDP session, meaning you can access the functionality of any physical USB device from a remote machine and communicate with the peripheral over the Remote Desktop Protocol.

  • Also, you can easily share any number of USB devices over your Wi-Fi network, which is especially useful when it comes to an office environment.

Steps to share virtual USB over Ethernet:

  1. Download USB Network Gate on your local computer and install it.

  2. Start the app and go to the “Local USB Devices” tab. Find the peripheral you want to share and click the “Share” button next to it.
  3. Note: In the list of local devices, you will find only those peripherals that are physically connected to our computer.

  4. Now, install the software on a remote PC that needs remote access to the device you’ve just shared.

  5. Once done, start the app and open the “Remote USB Device” tab. Locate the peripheral you want to access and click “Connect”.

This is it! Now you can redirect virtual USB over Ethernet without any limits and get all its functionality like it was attached to the machine directly.

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Share USB over Ethernet on Windows
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