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What clients say about USB over Ethernet software

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    I represent YOLO S.A. operating in the consumer loan industry. Our mission is to build a new, better quality on the non-bank loans market.

    Automatization of our production is one of the top priorities for our team. This involves bank accounts and transaction monitoring. When connecting to banks we need to use certificates stored on smart cards. They work fine when plugged to the server, but were causing us problems in the VM environment. Because of that, we weren’t able to virtualize all the servers. Thankfully, USB Network Gate solved that issue.

    The installation required just 4 clicks, all configurations took another 2 clicks. It was that easy. With this software tool, we were able to virtualize our servers and automate bank integration. So far I have no problems and this is the only easy to use and stable solution to choose.
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    Ceron Digital Engineering is a systems integration company based in Hong Kong. The company specializes in hardware retailing, network engineering, developing software and web sites, and more.

    Jon Cheng, the CTO at Ceron Digital Engineering:

    Our Clients have different systems protected by the USB dongles. However, USB dongles are not fully supported by VM systems. Without a solid solution for USB dongles redirection, our project cannot progress.

    With USB Network Gate by Electronic Team, Inc., I can fix all the dongle-related issues in the P2V Projects. The software has helped me share several USB security keys plugged into my local computer with virtual machines running on this PC. Once I select the right dongle and click share on the PC, my software system on the guest OS automatically connects to that shared dongle and it works immediately.

    Since all of my virtual machines use USB dongles from the same manufacturer, to make sure the client in-house technician will not mix the key in the future, I add a description in the USB Network Gate server setting and force the dongle to connect only to the relevant IP address.
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    I’ve been working at the cell phone repair market for about 7 years. I do a lot of unlocking, flashing and reloading of the Android & iOS software back on the phone. Most of the phones I fix have software related problems.

    The inability to troubleshoot customer cellphone from a remote location has become a big challenge for me, as I had a very bad experience with the Post office, getting my customers phone lost. I wanted to be able to unlock and repair my customer cellphones without having to ship the phone back and forth. USB Network Gate helped me solve this problem.

    Using USB Network Gate is like having the remote phone on my desk plugged into my computer. The software lets me access any remote USB device with nothing more than a few clicks of a mouse.

    Remote access saves my customers so much time and worries about when they will be getting their phone back. Thanks to this software they don’t have to worry about shipping costs or getting their phone lost at the post office.
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