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Hard drive over network - USB over Ethernet sharing guide

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It isn’t uncommon to have some essential work-related data on the external USB hard drive that everyone in your office need to use from time to time. Clearly, it would be rather inconvenient to physically reattach the device each time a different user wants it. There must be a solution allowing access to that external hard drive over Ethernet (or other networks, s.a. Wi-Fi, LAN, or Internet). You can go with one of the two options we are going to talk about right here.

  1. Sharing your USB hard drive over Ethernet through a specialized application
  2. Making your USB hard drive accessible over Wi-Fi

Software for sharing a USB HDD
over Ethernet

Using the software solution for sharing your hard drive over the Ethernet network may become the easiest way for you. No need to set up the network or get additional cords. Just use the USB over Ethernet software.

When it comes to sharing a hard drive over Ethernet, USB over Ethernet tool is definitely a natural choice. It’s an advanced software solution by Electronic Team, Inc. and it will help to share USB hard drive over network.

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USB Network Gate

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USB Network Gate

To share a USB over Ethernet, just follow three simple steps :

Step 1: Download USB Network Gate. Then install it on a computer that is physically connected to the USB hard drive and on every PC that’ll need to access it.

Step 2: Make sure that the external HDD is connected to your machine through a USB port.

Step 3: Run USB Network Gate and use its user-friendly interface to share your device over the network.

USB Network Gate is perfectly compatible with all sorts of USB devices, any Windows OS (up to Windows 10), Mac, Android, and Linux.

Here are some primary advantages to this solution:

  • No need to purchase any additional equipment
  • You can use USB devices remotely wherever they are
  • Grants you access to USB peripherals from virtual machine or remote desktop
  • Supports Citrix Independent Computing Architecture protocol
  • Per-user session allows you to limit access from a remote desktop for one specific user only
  • Independent of platform – equally good for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android
USB over Ethernet
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How to make your USB hard drive accessible over Wi-Fi

An alternate method of USB hard drive sharing is to map it over Wi-Fi as a network external HDD.

External hard drive over Ethernet

For this to work, your PC has to be hooked into a Wi-Fi network.
Open your favorite Web browser and type the IP address of your router in the address bar. Typically it will be something on the lines of

At this point, you’ll be asked to enter your login and password. This done, open Settings, and go to the tab ‘Drive storage’. Then right-click your external hard drive’s name to invoke the shortcut menu and click ‘Map network drive’.

You may want to change the external hard drive’s name for ease of identification, then click ‘Reconnect at sign-in’.

Upon setup completion, click ‘Finish’. Chances are, you’ll see the external drive in your computer’s system only after reboot.

The strongest point of this is that you won’t need to splash your cash on any extra apps and gadgets. But it hardly makes up for its main disadvantage – it only works while you have network access, and you’ll have to stay within the Wi-Fi coverage zone the whole time you’re using the device. USB Network Gate by Electronic Team, Inc. has no such limitation and will allow you to use an external hard drive or any other USB device over Wi-Fi remotely.

Taking into account all the above, it is obvious that USB over Ethernet is the best possible option if you need to gain remote access to the USB external drive while not having to be stuck in the network coverage area, or buy some pricey special-purpose hardware.

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