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USB over Ethernet software solution that enables users to share an unlimited number of USB ports and their connected devices over an IP-based network like the Internet, WAN, LAN or VLAN.

It employs USB over Ethernet technology to make peripheral devices attached to a computer, known as a server, available to remote, network-connected client machines. Client computers enjoy the same level of functionality they would with a direct, physical connection to the devices. Applications accessing the remote USB devices will operate as if they were working with locally attached equipment.

When you share USB over Ethernet with this professional software, the interfaces rather than the actual devices are made available to the network. This feature enables peripherals to be swapped out and immediately made accessible by the remote clients with no need for extra configuration.

Currently, 3 versions of the product are available: for Windows, Linux and Mac. Different combinations of server-client model can be applied, for example, client may have USB Network Gate installed on Linux, and server – on Windows, or vice versa.

Licensing policy

  1. Licensing policy is based on the number of USB devices that can be shared on the server, not the number of clients that can connect to remote shared USB devices. Client part of USB Network Gate can be installed separately.

  2. Consider Source Code License if you want to get the programming source code.

  3. SDK License allows integrating our technology into your own software/hardware product. The SDK Evaluation Kit is sent upon your request to let you evaluate the SDK License before purchasing.
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