How to view and save activity log | USB over Ethernet software

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Windows guide

If you need to view the log while using USB over Ethernet software on Windows machine, you just need to click Show activity log menu option:

Show activity log

If you need to save it, use the right-click menu to save the log to a file:

save to file

Linux guide

To view the activity log, select Show activity log in the Options menu:

Show activity log

From there you can also save and clear the log as well as change the log level from Error (least detailed) to Debug (most detailed).

Note: ‘Debug’ log level is available only in registered version of USB over Ethernet software.

The guide for macOS

For macOS version of USB over LAN app many actions are actually performed by a special daemon, eveusbd.

To view the activity log for the eveusbd daemon, perform the following steps:

  1. In the /Applications/Utilities/ folder, start Console.

  2. In the search box on the upper-right side, type “eveusbd”.
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